Things of Beauty

Fine Art, Jewelry, Decor and more!


Welcome to Things of Beauty! Here you’ll find a┬áselection of art, jewelry and other fun things. This page is always a work in progress, so be sure to stop back to see what’s new and exciting!

My main fine art works are in acrylic paint or colored pencil, but I have been known to play around with other media as well. My jewelry is mainly chainmail weaves, occasionally with swarovski crystals or beads mixed in. Some other fun things I play with are polymer clay, dried flowers, wood… the whole world is full of things to create beautiful items with, and I like to play with most of them!

Anything that is for sale will be listed in the items description as well as the price of the item. I do also take orders for commissioned pieces made to your specifications, so feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested in something special!


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